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Martini Rosso 75cl

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Description MARTINI® Rosso is an Italian Vermouth. Italian vermouth from Pessione at the foothills of the Alps. Balanced taste as 40 worldwide botanicals are used to create the 4 styles of MARTINI®. MARTINI® offers versatility for drinking occasions due to its light style – it fills the gap between a glass of wine and a soft drink. 70ml serve of MARTINI® = 1 unit of alcohol. MARTINI® Rosso is superbly balanced with a rich, warm sweetness and citrus overtones. It owes its unmistakable dark colour to the caramel added during the blending of the ingredients. Best served with fresh cranberry juice, ice and an orange slice. Enjoy MARTINI® Responsibly.

Tasting Notes Highly perfumed and lively. Caramel gives it an amber colour.

Prepare and Use Enjoy MARTINI® Rosso with fresh cranberry juice in a tall glass with lots of ice and a slice of orange

Alcohol by Volume: 15%


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